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Our Services and commitment continue after your home is complete and occupied. We offer our clients a full 24/7 aftercare service with a dedicated aftercare director and trusted aftercare team.


Our directly employed experienced Aftercare team will be on hand to resolve any potential issues that may arise post completion. Our Aftercare teams is headed up by our dedicated Aftercare Manager who will be involved in the latter stages of the construction process enabling them to gain in depth knowledge of the property and building service.


The Aftercare team will outline a tailored annual maintenance plan for your property’s complex building services and our team will ensure a seamless transition from the construction to maintenance stage. We understand the importance of regular communication and will provide updates and feedback, reinforcing an open, honest and collaborative working relationship.


We are a private, luxury construction and maintenance company based in London. If you would like to enquire about our services we’d love to hear from you. Our discretion and confidentially is always assured.

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